It was clear to Simone Giuricich in 1938 that there was a real need for a forward-thinking and reliable plumbing company in South Africa, which is why he established Modern Plumbing Works (MPW). The key to Giuricich’s success was his absolute commitment to quality – a legacy which remains to this day. In the 1970s MPW began to diversify to work on large-scale construction projects, rapidly becoming one of the largest construction plumbing companies in the region.

Modern Plumbing Works Cape was established in 2001, and it wasn't long before the "new kid on the block" was recognised as a real player in the residential and commercial construction space. To date, MPW Cape, has successfully completed hundreds of developments on the Western Sea Board. Among the many contracts awarded to the company, one will find many of Cape Town's most highly recognised and most luxurious developments, an achievement enjoyed by the team at Modern Plumbing Works Cape.

Both MPW Johannesburg and MPW Cape have become highly regarded construction plumbing companies in their particular region, offering their clients professional solutions on large-scale commercial plumbing installations.